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   Diva Car Insurance Review

Diva Car Insurance ( female )


Diva Company here

Insure your Car with
 Diva Insurance for females

Diva Female Car Insurance UK, the online resource for women seeking car insurance on their own terms, at a price that they like. Diva Female Car Insurance UK recognises that women are, statistically, better drivers than men and provides car insurance policies at prices that reflect this fact.

Because women are the safer sex, it makes perfect sense that women should benefit from quality car insurance policies that are tailored both to their needs and to their pockets. By rewarding women drivers for the lower risk they represent, Diva aims not only to attract female clients, but also keep them. As a broker with a large panel of insurers they select only the best quality and most reasonably priced policies available for lady’s car insurance in the UK.

Get a quote from Diva

At Diva Insurance they tried to make their quote process as quick and easy as possible. So they can quote for you on the correct basis please spend a few moments looking at the statements below and ensure you meet this criteria.

They can quote for you if:

  • You are resident in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands)
  • Your vehicle is right hand drive, is less than 30 years old and is not "Q" plated
  • Your vehicle is a standard model produced for sale in the UK market by the manufacturer i.e. not a "grey" import
  • All known notifiable medical conditions have been notified to DVLA
  • Your vehicle was not manufactured to carry more than 8 people including the driver and has not been adapted to carry more or less than 8 including the driver.
  • You have only one occupation. You do not have a secondary occupation.

More information on Diva car insurance can be found on the Diva Female website.



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